The romantic idealist!

“You are the most dangerous kind of female the world can ever know. You carry the seeds for your own destruction and the destruction of everyone who loves you. And a great many will love you for your beautiful face for your seductive body; but you will fail them all because you will believe they all fail you first. You are an idealist of the worst kind – the romantic idealist. Born to destroy and self destruct”
— V. C. Andrews, Fallen Hearts


Just a dream..

A dream is being formed..
Simple.. Nothing too complicated..

The surroundings might be hazy, but they are there..
With time they get clearer.. Now I can see and hear everything..

The lights.. The perfumes.. The melody..
I listen closer when the music plays..

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It’s easier to say than do

That’s the rule.. that’s how it was and how it will always be..

“It’s easier to say than do”

Giving advice is easy.. but try to live with your own advice and tell me if you’ll succeed!
Saying I’ll be fine is easy but how many time it will actually take for you to heal?
Criticizing other’s actions is easy too but one day you’ll find yourself doing the same and having the same criticizing from around you.. for what goes around, comes around..

The examples are many and i’m sure that at least once in your life you felt those words.

A solution? I have none.. or maybe “Do more and talk less”
But just saying this, is always easy.. and i’m not sure if i’ll be able to actually do it!

Happy Easter!

A celebration for what is beyond our minds grasping and our imagination creation..
A love that makes you fall into awe and kneel with gratitude…
For who i am for You to love me like that??
A spirit of gratitude.. a spirit of hope..
For everyone may you feel the spirit of life and of love.. Happy Easter everyone!

Pizza Dough Recipe

– 1 kilo flour
– 1 cup oil
– 1/2 cup butter (سمنة)
– 1 small pack [10 gm] of dry yeast (خميرة)
– 2 cups of water Or milk
– Optional: 1 egg
– 1 tsp (tea spoon) garlic powder
– 2 tsp (tea spoon) salt

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When to write?

There are times when i find myself in need to write something.. like there’s words boiling inside wanting to be heard…
But each time fear grabs me.. for the words would go out revealing.. describing.. showing the turmoil inside.

At those times a war occurs between the part wanting to be heard & known and the other one wanting to remain invisible & mysterious..

So a question came to my mind.. When to write?

When the mind is speaking? Or the heart is feeling?
When imagination comes in and a world of your own begin its creation?
Or when reality hits you hard in the face and you want to kick and scream back some words?
Maybe when you see a picture that inspires.. or breaks your heart?
When you saw the world and want to marvel upon it!
Or when you’re alone and these words are your only window to the outside world!

I could go on like this forever.. there are no limits on the situation that can bring you to write..

But there’s one thing i could tell you.. when you feel like writing.. just do it..
Whether in the old fashioned way or using the technology..
Even if you do not intend on sharing it.. I guarantee you one day you’ll look back.
And each sentence, each word will be like a friend who accompanied you on a journey..

The change in life

Little by little it comes.. you don’t feel it, never really noticing it..
Not until the difference between what has been & what is becomes huge..
And you find yourself  looking back.. trying to put your hand on why it did and how..
Sometimes you can analyze but others you won’t be able to..
Just go with the flow.. Embrace the Change..
For the change is the Life…

Blessing #21 – Knowing

We’re on the verge of a new year..
A time when people try to change or to make new resolutions that might be life alternating…

A time of hope and renewed faith that tomorrow might be just a brighter day..

On this moment as I look back on the previous year, a year full of events mostly sadding ones but many joyful..
I want to express my gratitude for You my God…

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A choice & a voice..

In this life you have a choice..
& at its end you'll hear a voice.. 

At that time the words you'll hear..
might bring you joy or great fear.. 

You really have to keep this in mind..
For your answer is yours to find..

On your time you can't rely.. 
Cause any second you may die..

So be prepared to hear the voice..
saying the words that made your choice..

Blessing #20 – Purpose

What would life mean without a purpose??
Just imagine!

If days simply go by.. each one similar to the one before…
If you spend each hour simply trying to kill it…
If your dreams have ceased to exist…
If in your eyes you can’t see no future and no brighter tomorrow..
If you can’t find a reason for you enough to make you wake up each day from bed…

That would be pretty hard and sad life to live right?
Having a purpose in life.. it’s a blessing!

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